My Research v. 1

Over the years, many people have asked me what I'm working on. While I have shared with you, through the cycle of consequence, and the foundations pieces this blog started with, the philosophy upon which my worldview stands, I have not spoken much about what my Ph.D. Dissertation is actually about. Obviously, there is not... Continue Reading →


How to Witness

In my life, I have known many people who have been hurt by the members of the church. I have known a few atheists and many agnostics. I have known some Muslims, and a Buddhist or two. I have known some Jews and a number of Christians who don't remember God. In each instance, knowing... Continue Reading →

FAQs… Again!

Since my previous post, I have been asked three questions for which I have answers! In your theology, is there some form of transaction between humanity and God, either in terms of the reception of the Spirit, or any other form? The transaction I perceive in the God/human relationship is one where God is consistently... Continue Reading →

As a follow up to my previous post, I wanted to answer two questions that I get in reference to my Reasonable Theology. If what you say is true, and sin is the natural consequence of a love-filled universe, why did Jesus die? Great question! History, the Bible, and tradition tell us that Jesus died... Continue Reading →

What Does It All Mean?

Over the past 2 months, I have shown you why the world is the way it is. It all comes down to one thing: unconditional love. If only the purpose of creation wasn't to love, then we could all be blissfully ignorant automatons who feel no pain and never sin. The question remains, what exactly... Continue Reading →

The Consequence of Knowledge

The moment¬†has finally arrived! It is time to close the circle on the consequences of love. Just to recap so far. Love requires Freedom, which requires Ignorance, which results in Fear, Which results in sin and is countered by Knowledge. Now, we will discuss the consequence of knowledge, that is, Love. It is important to... Continue Reading →

How to Conquer Fear

We have turned the corner. Thus far we have seen how a universe of love requires freedom, freedom requires ignorance,¬† and ignorance breeds fear. It is at this turning point that we begin to close the cycle by discussing what I hinted at within the conclusion of the last blog, the conquering of fear through... Continue Reading →

The Consequence of Fear

In the circle of causes thus far, we've seen that love requires freedom, freedom requires ignorance, and ignorance causes fear. Fear will now be more fully discussed, and its consequence will be determined. When we do not know something, we fear it. Fear has many forms from the unconscious startle response to the conscious pondering... Continue Reading →

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