Persecution of Disciples

In the last story, Jesus told his disciples that it would be a long time yet before the end days. However, what should they do in the meantime? That's what this next part, Mark 13:9-13, is about. "You should be careful out there. You will be handed over to the local Jewish authorities and beaten.... Continue Reading →


Signs of the End of the Age

So, Jesus has been criticizing the religious authorities of his day for their hypocritical practices, and just ended with the prediction that the temple buildings would be destroyed. Naturally, his disciples are curious about this prophecy, and the first question they have, in Mark 13:3-8 is, "When will these things happen? And what will be... Continue Reading →

The Widow’s Offering

In the previous story, Jesus warned the people about religious leaders who go out of their way to look important and godly, but "devour widow's property." In Mark 12:41-44, we get an example of why it bothers Jesus that these men hunt widows. For a little flare, perhaps you would like to know that there... Continue Reading →

Marriage and Resurrection

Continuing the trend of the last few stories, we once again have some authority figures asking Jesus a question to attempt to confuse, mislead, or trap Jesus. In Mark 12:18-27, this time it's the Sadducees, who, according to Mark, didn't believe there would be a resurrection of the dead in the afterlife. I would go... Continue Reading →

Paying Taxes to Caesar

So, we seem to be in a series of incidents whereby the religious and political authorities of the day were attempting to trick Jesus into losing popularity with the people so they would be free to kill him quietly. First, we have the authority question, then the "parable of the tenants" response, and now in... Continue Reading →

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