The Consequence of Fear

In the circle of causes thus far, we've seen that love requires freedom, freedom requires ignorance, and ignorance causes fear. Fear will now be more fully discussed, and its consequence will be determined. When we do not know something, we fear it. Fear has many forms from the unconscious startle response to the conscious pondering... Continue Reading →


The Consequence of Ignorance

In this blog series, we have discussed first how God created the universe so that we might love Him, and that for that to happen, He needed to create us free. Thus, the consequence of love is freedom. In the last blog, I went over the consequences of this freedom, including the requirement that anyone... Continue Reading →

The Consequence of Freedom

In the previous blog I discussed how God is Unconditional Love, and that in a universe whose entire purpose is love, there must be the freedom to choose it, or there can be no love at all. Interestingly enough though, freedom has its own consequences. Freedom is the ability to determine one's own thoughts, and... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection

So, Jesus has been laid to rest. The Marys made note of where he was buried so they could return after the Sabbath to complete the burial cleansing ritual by anointing the body with oil. Let's see what happens in Mark 16: 1-8. They go to the tomb, and they are discussing who they are... Continue Reading →

Jesus’ Burial

Jesus has died. It's the end for his followers. They thought he would be the new king. He was supposed to deliver them from slavery. It's time to go home. To pretend they hadn't put all of their faith in this messiah character. But the book isn't over yet. What more is there? Let us see... Continue Reading →

Jesus’ Death

When last we spoke, Jesus was hanging on the cross as crowds of people walked by mocking him, and the two who hung next to him also spoke abusively to him, because apparently, they didn't have their own deaths to worry about. It is now time for Mark's record of how Jesus died. Mark 15:33-41.... Continue Reading →

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