Reading the Gospel: Matthew 1: 18-25

Welcome to the first encounter most people have with Jesus’ birth narrative:¬†Matthew 1: 18-25. While Joseph and Mary were betrothed, she got pregnant. Betrothal was a pretty serious deal back then. So serious, in fact, that in order to cancel the betrothal, one had to have divorce documents signed, and if it so happened that […]

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What is God’s Will?

Tradition is not equivalent to the Will of God. Tradition is not one of the Ten Commandments. Tradition is not listed by Christ as the essence of the Law. Tradition is a set of principles agreed upon at a contextually appropriate time which is believed to make it easier for humans to follow the Will […]

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God is the Author of Sin

In my years working with sin, I have come across the notion many times that it is imperative that God not be directly responsible for, or the author of, sin. This is typically accompanied by logical conclusions based on the ‘goodness’ of God, that if God is the embodiment of good, it is impossible for […]

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What is Sin? Conclusion

In the last three blogs, I have laid out my evidence that sins are more than mere spirituality, and they are more than mere action. They are emotional, relational, psychological, physical, and spiritual. They are free and willful decisions, not accidents. A sin is a choice to go against God’s will for your life. It […]

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What is sin? v. 3

Over the past couple of posts, I’ve highlighted my interpretation of the first 6 commandments in an attempt to show the world that sin is more than merely a spiritual affair. It’s more than simply going against God’s will, it involves everything that we are as embodied humans, crafted with a brain and a whole […]

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What is sin? v.2

Previously we reviewed my definition for sin, commandments 1-3, and their involvement in every aspect of created existence, that is mind, body, and heart (emotions). Today we continue with commandments 4-6. Commandment 4 –¬†Honour your mother and father. Let me begin by saying that this does not mean listen to whatever your parents tell you […]

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