Reading Scripture: Mark 4:10-20

Today we learn the purpose of parables in Mark 4:10-20. I love how different even the smallest perceptions are between those who wrote the bible and modern day readers. "When he was alone, those around him with the twelve..." I don't know about you all, but if I'm with 12+ individuals, I am in no... Continue Reading →


Reading Scripture: Mark 4: 1-9

And let the parables commence in Mark 4: 1-9. I am definitely starting to notice a pattern with the way Mark has written this gospel. Almost everything for the first three chapters dealt directly with the authority Jesus possessed. Whether it be the authority to speak about scripture, the authority to heal the sick, or... Continue Reading →

Reading Scripture: Mark 3: 31-35

Today we get to read about Jesus' true family! Jesus had siblings! Brothers specifically in this case, but the odds of all of his siblings being male as opposed to the odds of the patriarchal society not mentioning sisters suggests he likely had sisters but they weren't mentioned. One big family! The same family that... Continue Reading →

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