Reading Scripture: Mark 1: 14-20

So, let us continue our reading of the Gospel of Mark where we left off, which I have to say is a very strange transition. Mark 1: 14-20.

In verse 13, the last thing we know is that Jesus went out into the wilderness to be tended by angels. And then, in our starting verse today, it’s after John the Baptist was imprisoned. To me, this begs the question, what was he doing in the meantime? Perhaps Jesus and John were hanging out, discussing theology and Jesus’ experience in the water. Maybe John was even giving Jesus some advice and words of wisdom.

Either way, Jesus for some reason waits for John to be indisposed before leaving on his preaching tour. Starting in Galilee, which is a huge area. It’s like saying, Galilee county. Which according to the earlier verses is where Jesus came from to be baptised. So basically, Jesus went to his home county after his experience and time with John to tell them what he had learned.

Now, the quote says that Jesus was yelling that people should repent (That’s what John said too) and believe in the gospel. But… as of yet in the story, Jesus hadn’t actually told anyone what the gospel was.

Jesus: “Believe in the good news!”

People: “What good news?”

Jesus: “Hold your horses! I’m getting to it!”

This is what I imagine if we read this literally. Reasonably these verses probably encompass various times Jesus spoke in public in various towns in the county of Galilee what he had learned, pleading with people to believe him.

Sea of Galilee

Eventually, he made his way to the sea of Galilee. Seen above. This lake has had numerous names over time. I believe it is called a sea because it is fed by salt water springs from beneath, but the fresh water from the river Jordan sits atop it. It’s interesting.

Anyway, walking along the Galilee side of the lake, Jesus encounters fishermen. People are still doing this by the way, so good on you fish for breeding well for so long. Photo below.

Fisherman - Early Morning Sea of Galilee at Exit of Jordan River

“Follow me and I will turn you into fishers of people.” Now, replace the fish in this photo with human bodies, and tell me you don’t pray that it’s an analogy.

I think Mark did a very nice summary of a rather complicated encounter with various men who would have been essential to their family’s welfare. That these men eventually left to follow Jesus’ teaching is just as amazing, but reasonably there would have been discussions and arguments with family and spouses. Just try to tell your family that you want to do something, anything, that might take you away from them for a while and watch the sparks fly. A family doesn’t let go easily, especially if you are an integral part of the family business!

So, either this is a summary of a period of time in which Jesus was teaching near the sea of Galilee and gained followers. (Reasonably likely.) Or Jesus used his telepathic mind control to steal these men from their families! (Not likely).

I apologise that there is nothing revolutionary or new here. I’m not going to just make stuff up for your entertainment. In this chunk of scripture, it just is what it seems to be. Better luck next time?

Grace and Peace to you all!


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