Reading Scripture: Mark 1: 35-39

Mark 1: 35-39

So, if we’re following logically, it’s Monday morning before sunrise when Jesus gets up and wanders out while the house is asleep. Apparently, the town also went home. I guess it didn’t take too long to perform all those healings and exorcisms. Or, Jesus just didn’t get much sleep. I imagine I would be quite excited if I were him. Probably doesn’t sleep very well imagining all the good that he could do the next day. Maybe he wanted some reassurance and love from his Father.

It’s implied in the translation, but the words here indicate he was gone for quite a while. I imagine his four friends were a little freaked out waking up with him being gone. He didn’t even leave a note! How rude! We don’t hear about the rude Jesus who didn’t have the courtesy to let his friends know he was going for a morning constitutional. Perhaps being more like Christ means being rude? Probably not, but worth a thought.

I find it very intriguing to note that Mark does not mention if Jesus taught the people who came to the house the previous night. He doesn’t tell us what Jesus was praying about, or what God said to him. It just tells us that he left and that they went out looking for him. Seems reasonable to assume that this is an accurate first-person account because nothing was added. No one was there to know, so it can’t be reported.

Once again it talks about Jesus going out into all of Galilee. If we took these statements literally, it would suggest that Jesus spent months roaming around Galilee before and after his visit to Simon’s house. Seems less reasonable than a few different ways of showing off Jesus’ authority, his popularity, and mentioning that he did travel around Galilee helping people. That is to say, I think that each of these things happened, but that they didn’t happen in the immediate chronological order that Mark presents them in. It’s a literary form, not a literal account. That’s humanity for you, we want to right things in a way people will read, and mentioning that Jesus walked around for a while just chatting about Jewish stuff before teaching doesn’t quite resonate like an action packed series of healings and exorcisms.

Along those lines, I’m noticing that Jesus isn’t really teaching the people in general. I am going to hold off on this discussion until we come to a point in which it is no longer the case, but I ask you to examine to whom Jesus is teaching, and to whom Jesus appears to be silent. What might it mean?

Grace and peace to you all.


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