Reading Scripture: Mark: 53-56

Mark Chapter 6 is finally ending with Jesus Healing the Sick! And right off the bat, we continue with the confusion about where exactly they were and are. So, before, they were crossing the sea to Bethsaida which is supposedly located on the northeastern shore, but now that they have arrived they are south of […]

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Reading Scripture: Mark 6: 45-52

This story of Jesus walking on water makes me wonder if he would be able to enjoy slip-and-slides. There are a few strange things about this opening sentence. First of all, no one is quite sure where Bethsaida is, or if there were one or two towns because there are some contradictions and confusion over […]

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Reading Scripture: Mark 6: 30-44

Whew, another long tale when Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand. So, random side story aside, this is a logical place to continue from verse 13. Jesus sent them out, and they came back and wanted to talk about what they had done. Apparently, Jesus’ building was a busy place, his popularity haveing grown greatly because […]

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Reading Scripture: Mark 6: 21-29

Today we continue the Herodian Inception in Mark 6:21-29. A suitable day. What a strange way to describe the day a man was going to die. Suitable for Herodias, but not for John! Also, the shift in the mood here suggests that while the previous sections were Mark’s own recollections, this tale is likely being […]

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Reading Scripture: Mark 6:14-20

Today we decide to talk about Herod for some reason in The Death of John The Baptist. Mark, the king of segues here. I feel like this section deserves at least, a, “Meanwhile in Jerusalem…” Anyway, let’s move on through the awkward transition to this story. I wonder why Mark is bringing this up! This entire […]

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Reading Scripture: Mark 6: 7-13

Jesus practices being Noah today while Sending Out the Twelve Apostles. I say this because of the phrase, “send them out two by two.” Why does Jesus send them out in pairs? I think it’s intimately related to his understanding of OT law and Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. I mean, seriously, the passage is simply a list of […]

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