The Purposeful Message of Mark v. 2

I promised to reveal what I have found, and I plan to now, so sit down and prepare to understand the Purposeful Message of Mark. In volume one of this title, I discussed how everything Mark had been writing revolved around Jesus' authority, and that remains true, however, there was a shift after Jesus sent... Continue Reading →


Reading Scripture: Mark: 53-56

Mark Chapter 6 is finally ending with Jesus Healing the Sick! And right off the bat, we continue with the confusion about where exactly they were and are. So, before, they were crossing the sea to Bethsaida which is supposedly located on the northeastern shore, but now that they have arrived they are south of... Continue Reading →

Reading Scripture: Mark 6:1-6

Today we explore the limitation of Jesus' power during his Rejection at Nazareth. Jesus went home, to Nazareth, about 20 miles southwest of Capernaum. This town is estimated to have been about 400 people in all, and nearby enough to two other larger, Grecian cities that it would have been considered a backwater town. Considering the... Continue Reading →

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