Reading Scripture: Mark 5:25-34

Today we backstep a little to learn about a hemorrhaging woman in Mark 5:25-34.

I cannot do true justice to the beauty that has been revealed about this story by a somewhat controversial figure named Rob Bell. Regardless of what you think of the man himself, I encourage you to listen to his words concerning this story. I am going to link a video in which he discusses this story, but he will give background, so just watch it from where I linked it until the end. Again, I encourage you to watch it to the end of video one to get the full impact of the meaning of this interaction between the bleeding woman and Jesus.

While the video will reveal what I would want to about the story, it is not all that is interesting about it, but that will be addressed in an upcoming blog. So, for today’s lesson about the amazing things of scripture, watch THIS VIDEO.

Grace and Peace to you all.



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