Reading Scripture: Mark: 53-56

Mark Chapter 6 is finally ending with Jesus Healing the Sick!

And right off the bat, we continue with the confusion about where exactly they were and are. So, before, they were crossing the sea to Bethsaida which is supposedly located on the northeastern shore, but now that they have arrived they are south of Capernaum, which is on the western shore?

I wonder how people instantly recognized Jesus. It’s not as though they had television news or even photographs. What was it about him that set him apart to a degree that people recognized him immediately. Perhaps it was his group of low-born and outcast figures?

The rest of this story seems directly related to that Rob Bell video I posted in a previous blog, about the Messiah being able to heal by individuals touching his prayer shawl tassels. There are now crowds of individuals who have the faith of the bleeding woman, so this seems to be the end of a series of stories displaying how at the beginning only a few people believed Jesus was the Messiah, but now whole areas believe.

Again I have to ask, what percentage of this country was filled with sick people? He seems to heal hundreds of people a day, and wherever he goes there are hundreds more who need to be healed. Was anyone healthy? Is that some form of a subtle point?

Anyway! This story is a short and straightforward ending to the message that Mark is trying to tell us in Chapter 6… but what is it?

I think I have found an answer, but I will save it until next time.

Grace and Peace to you all,


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