The Transfiguration v. 2

So the smoke clears and it’s just Jesus, sitting alone. Stunned, they all turn in thought to walk down the mountain in Mark 9: 9-13. So, here we have this whole third person “Son of Man” language again. I honestly think that this is something that Mark does every time Jesus is talking about something […]

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The Transfiguration v. 1

Based on the title, we’re about to experience something amazing in Mark 9:2-10. In the previous blog, I mentioned how there are many interpretations of what the kingdom of God coming with power would be. I’ve heard arguments, and I feel convinced, that this connecting point in verse 2 about six days later, directly connects […]

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Following Jesus

Jesus is the suffering anointed chosen of God. Let us see what else Mark wants to tell us in Following Jesus. This is a tough one! It is important to note here that the translators obviously felt that the end of chapter 8 and the first verse of chapter 9 were all related, and so included […]

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Peter’s Confession

It is finally time for our eyes to be opened in Mark 8:27-30. This is it. The center of everything. The story around which all of the other stories ultimately orbit. Just as we discussed in the messages of Mark series, what Mark is trying to tell us is that Jesus is the Messiah, the […]

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A Two-Stage Healing

Let see what happens in Mark 8:22-26. So far this feels very similar to the previous deaf healing. People bring Jesus a deaf man, and Jesus takes the guy away from the crowds to do it and spits and touches him with it. In that healing story, I mentioned how saliva was widely believed to […]

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