The Request of James and John

Before we get to Mark 10: 35-40, let us remember the importance of 3 and what it represented to the Jews in the last blog. Now that we have done that, let us discuss what happens after each of those three discussions of Jesus’ death. After the first one, Peter takes Jesus aside to try […]

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Third Prediction of Jesus’ Death

For the third official time, and the fourth unofficial time, Jesus’ tells the disciples about his beatings, death, and resurrection in Mark 10:32-34, they must have really been in denial about the whole thing. Or, like so many repetitions in Mark’s gospel up to this point, Mark is trying to tell us something. Going up […]

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Peter’s Defence

This is the third part of the story beginning with the rich man. First, we discussed giving up control and authority, then we discussed that such submission is only possible when one turns to God for help. Now we get to the humanity of the situation in Mark 10:28-31. Peter is such a human. He’s […]

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Entering the Kingdom of God

In the last blog, we witnessed an exchange through which we learned that one must give up that which gives one the most control in order to enter the kingdom of God on earth. Now, we listen to Jesus speak about the difficulty of such a task in Mark 10:23-27. The key to these passages […]

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The Rich Man

As discussed, Mark 9 is about inclusivity. It’s about not fighting amongst ourselves but realizing that whoever is not against us is for us. It’s about loving those who are different. The message of Mark 10 appears to be about righteousness. How does one interpret the law to live righteously. One understands marriage under the […]

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Jesus and Little Children

Sometimes I think the Bible would never be accepted if first published in this day and age. Let’s see why in Mark 10:13-16. The reason I think this, is because our culture has a tendency to turn anything into a taboo and if this book said, “People were bringing little children to (Jesus) for him […]

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I’ve been looking forward to this chapter for a while because this seems to be the chapter from which arise many questions and controversies. Let us see if we can help reason them out, shall we? Mark 10: 1-12 begins with some Pharisees asking a question of Jesus. “Is it lawful for a man to […]

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