Peter’s Denials

It must annoy Peter to no end that record of his greatest mistake is immortalized for all time in scripture. It would bug me. Despite anything else he might do, he will always be doubting Peter. Poor guy. Let’s read it now in Mark 14:66-72. Peter, having followed Jesus to his trial, gets seen by […]

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Condemned By the Sanhedrin

Jesus has submitted to the religious authorities, and all of his supporters have fled. Things are not looking up, but they are also looking as predicted, so things should work out, right? In Mark 14:53-65 we have the record of Jesus’ first trial before the religious leaders. Peter followed at a distance, I guess that’s […]

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Betrayal and Arrest

Dramatic pause as Jesus just screamed, “Get up, let us go. Look! My betrayer is approaching!” And now… Mark 14:43-52. Turns out, Jesus was right! Here comes Judas with a crown armed with swords and clubs sent by the priests and experts in the law. I have to wonder, do the priests have this mob […]

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The end has begun. Jesus has confronted and comforted those closest to him. He’s let them know that it’s okay they aren’t perfect because God loves them no matter what. Let’s see where it goes from here in Mark 14:32-42. Jesus takes the disciples to Gethsemane, asks them to wait while he goes to pray, […]

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The Prediction of Peter’s Denial

In the last blog, Jesus presented a bonding experience whereby the disciples shared in his body and the blood of a new covenant whereby there will be no more sins. It was preceded by a stressful proclamation that one of the twelve would betray Jesus. In today’s section, Mark 14:27-31. Jesus qualifies his singling out […]

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The Lord’s Supper

After a tense moment at the dinner table, full of stress and self-doubt, we turn to a moment of bonding and camaraderie. Emotional whiplash for poor Judas in Mark 14:22-26. First thing I notice is that Jesus broke bread while they were already eating. It wasn’t at the beginning of the meal, it was in […]

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The Passover

Jesus predicted it, it’s been plotted and planned. Now, it begins, the first day of the last week of Jesus the Messiah in Mark 14:12-21. It is the feast of Unleavened Bread, which lasted for 8 days beginning with the Passover meal. This would today be about 11th April. The feast represents the feast the […]

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