Jesus is Mocked

Jesus has officially begun the crucifixion ritual at this point. Pilate tried to help but was forced to follow the will of the people and hand Jesus over, where he was immediately flogged. Now the soldiers take him to the governor’s residence, where they put a royal purple cloak to represent a king’s robes on […]

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Jesus and Barabbas

In the previous section, Jesus submitted to a guilty plea, refusing to defend himself, despite Pilate’s encouragement to do so. This seems related to Gethsemane when Jesus submitted his fate into the Father’s hands. He knew, from the OT, what the Messiah was meant to endure. Now, because Pilate believes Jesus to be innocent, he […]

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Jesus Brought Before Pilate

As I mentioned in the previous post, we have entered story mode. That means that agendas and hidden meanings have taken a back seat to simply telling the story of Jesus’ trial, death, and resurrection. So, let’s watch. Mark 15:1-5. So, after Jesus’ confession and the subsequent guilty verdict from the religious elite, they spent […]

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