What is sin? v. 3

Over the past couple of posts, I’ve highlighted my interpretation of the first 6 commandments in an attempt to show the world that sin is more than merely a spiritual affair. It’s more than simply going against God’s will, it involves everything that we are as embodied humans, crafted with a brain and a whole […]

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What is sin? v.2

Previously we reviewed my definition for sin, commandments 1-3, and their involvement in every aspect of created existence, that is mind, body, and heart (emotions). Today we continue with commandments 4-6. Commandment 4 –┬áHonour your mother and father. Let me begin by saying that this does not mean listen to whatever your parents tell you […]

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“What is sin?” v. 1

At an event recently, a conversation led to the realization that there are many different interpretations of what sin is. Everyone seems to agree that it is “missing the mark” or “going against the will of God” but how people interpret both of those things seems rather wide-ranging. For instance, a Romanian Orthodox Priest challenged […]

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