The Parable of the Tenants v. 2

In my last blog, I observed from an outside perspective the parable of the tenants and the seemingly heartless slaughter of many humans by both some vicious farmers, and a cold vineyard owner. Now it is time to unlock this parable using the verse that Jesus gives in verses 10-12. "The stone the builders rejected... Continue Reading →


The Authority of Jesus

Jesus returns to Jerusalem, and we return to the message of the first half of Mark. Authority! "By what authority are you doing these things?" Jesus, of course, answers with a riddle, because straight answers are for losers! Basically, the question is, "Who gave John the authority to baptize?" Their answer? "We don't know." Because... Continue Reading →

The Triumphal Entry

So, Mark has taught us two things, that Jesus is the foreseen Messiah and the nature of the Kingdom of God. Beginning here in Mark 11:1-10, the crescendo of all that has come before has arrived. Jesus is approaching Jerusalem and asks two of his disciples to go get an unbroken colt, that is a... Continue Reading →

Healing Blind Bartimaeus

Since Mark established Jesus as the Messiah, we've been learning about what the Kingdom that Jesus is establishing looks like. First, if you want to enter the Kingdom, you must give up control and authority over that which gives you the most control. You must humble yourself before God. Second, anyone who is honestly working... Continue Reading →

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